Sora and Villavallelonga

To remember those who came before and a guide for those who follow.

Updated June 18, 2924

Pasquale and Angelina Crescenza DiSarra Tomasso


Also known as LaVilla it lies within the boundaries of the National Park of Abruzzo, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The historic center was known as Vallelonga or “Trans Aquas” Valley. Some Ellis Island ship manifests list the village as Villasathlongo, Villeverielonga, Villaballelonga, Villovalle and Villadellalonga making research difficult.

In 1901 the population was 2,480. By 1911 it dropped to 1,953 due to emigration. In 2022 it has dropped even further to 836.


Sora is a town in Lazio in the province of Frosinone. The population today is about 25,000. It is built on the banks of the Liri river and is known for manufacturing furniture and paper mills. 

Traveling from Sora to VVL

The drive from Sora to VVL takes about an hour along SS 690. There is no direct route. You have to cut through the Apennines mountain range at Avezzano. The family story is that Pasquale and Angelina met gathering wood in the mountains. Or was it a set-up since Pasquale wasn’t the first one from Sora to marry into VVL?